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John Whiteside III  was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  After graduation from Cheltenham High School, he attended Temple University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education. He taught at Fort Washington Elementary School for two years, before leaving to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1971. 


His interest in law enforcement began with a seasonal summer position as a police officer with the Police Department in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. After retirement from the FBI in 2001, he worked for eight years as a private investigator in West Chester, PA. He is currently is self-employed as a U.S. Government contractor and counterintelligence consultant.

John has written three books to date. His stories are about events that occurred during his life, while working as a Special Agent for the FBI. He is married to his lovely wife Donna, of 50 years. They have three grown children and two very special grandchildren. Two of his favorite authors are John Le Carre and Louis L'Amour.

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